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Supporting the ecosystem

Practical guidance from proven industry professionals.

Meet mentors in your city


Entrepreneurs and professionals get a seat at a table with experts to get their questions answered.

The support needed to grow

We are tooling the next generation of business leaders with a business support community and structured mentorship.

Engaging seasoned African business experts to inspire, guide and propel early stage ventures.

Early stage investment advice | Stanley Anyetei
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COLE is building a Pan-African network of local African led SME communities. We facilitate access to a wide-range of deep
local expertise and custom local business content. Our pools of experts enable COLE to offer business bolstering routs to capital investment.

COLE Expert Interviews 

In our series of Startup founder focussed interviews African business experts discuss topics that matter to local entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs often struggle to get the support they need. The challenges of doing business in any location and field are very unique and peculiar. Local experts have priceless experience and wisdom that can make all the difference for those starting out. 

We each hold part of the key to unlocking the full potential in each other. COLE is designed to be an inclusive and engaged community of ambitious achievers and proactive aspirers, sharing experiences of inventiveness to inspire and empower each other.

Episode 2: Early stage investment advice with Stanley Anyetei

You have a great idea for a business but getting started is going to cost more than you can afford. Now what?

In this episode Tismark "Yofi" Inja is talking to Stanley Anyetei about what startup founders need to think about when seeking financial support for an idea or early stage venture.

A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure. COLE is committed to supporting diamonds in the rough, achieve their potential. 



Social Proof
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Michael Amankwa

Executive Director, Nesst Capital 

"These are young people taking their destinies into their own hands. Now they just need good mentors and good advisers to guide them through what they are trying to achieve."

David G.jpg

David Ganesha Tetteh

Exec. Director, Bargain Investment Holdings

“We have a lot of people who are creating their own barriers. They should step out with the right attitude and just go.”


Terry Afram 

Managing Director, Jumia Food Ghana

“Right now when we are speaking about youth unemployment, this is the answer.”

Muzzafar-Din Essel

"If you missed this, you missed great ideas and amazing people. Thanks for putting this together."

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