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Startup Thinking

Amsterdam Meet-up 

Join us

2nd February 

17:30 - 21:00


Bijlmerdreef 1289,

201 Mansplein, 1103 TV, 


Reserve your seat at a table with experts from a broad range of fields for frank discussions on all things business.

Priceless Insights

We will be joined by mentors who can help with your business model, organization, product, distribution, sales, marketing, advertising, creative and operations. Together we will dissect and discuss your business challenges, objectives, strengths and weaknesses to help you discover opportunities, focus effort and fine tune strategies that will help your business scale.

Meet your mentors

Come connect with our accomplished mentors to get your questions answered, up-close in small groups. 


Ama Van Dantzig

Creative Thinker / Speaker / Facilitator 

Ama is known for working with Non-profit Organizations, Sustainable Development, International Relations, Project Coordination, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).  


William van Dantzig

ICT Infrastructure Manager,  FMO 

William enjoys innovating, trouble shooting and ensuring technology is understood and used well to support the business. 


Lynn Zebeda

Co-founder at Dr. Monk

Lynn is a social entrepreneur with a passion for the issues that connect us all. End goal: to come up with interventions that will catapult us into a more compassionate and green future.


Cynthia Torto

Marketing Communications, Shell

Cynthia is skilled at maximizing the impact of marketing campaigns by translating insights into innovations and commercial growth opportunities.


Sushil Krishna

Founder, Growack

Sushil helps B2B businesses (Startups & SMEs) design & implement their growth roadmap- a strategic and tactical growth funnel.

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Johan Hento-Addow

General Manager, Huurmaat

Johan is a General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the building materials industry. Skilled in Operations Management,  Business Development, and SalesManagement.

Reserve your seat. €20 advance tickets 

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