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What we do

The Council Of Local Experts is a business support community for entrepreneurs and professionals. The support is primarily provided in the form of local mentoring by experts from a broad range of industries with extensive experience and specific expertise.


We seek out experts who can serve as mentors to  challenge members and event attendees to think broadly, discover opportunities, focus effort and fine tune strategy. 


We host regular on and offline events where budding professionals and promising entrepreneurs get to meet-up with industry pioneers for frank discussions about their business. COLE aims to provide continuous on-demand mentoring from our pool of experts. 

We are obsessed with the follow-up. For us, when our events end is when the bulk of the work begins. We feed our community with as much useful content as we can gather and keep them connected with the experts who can help them thrive. 

Why we do it  

Many entrepreneurs and professionals struggle to find a mentor. Over time their ambitions, interests, challenges and situation will evolve. No one mentor can help address all their challenges.


Many find alternatives like traditional forums and training sessions expensive, vague and impersonal. 


How it works 

Sign-up on our website or attend one of our meet-up events to become a member. Our members get personally tailored, locally applicable and stage appropriate advice on a regular basis.


During our events, guest professionals and entrepreneurs get to ask our experts questions about the challenges they face, ideas that they have and areas of business they want to understand better. 

Expert Business Advice

Expert Business Advice

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