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Who it's for



It doesn’t matter the sector or field. The entrepreneurs that attend our events or become members are typically founders of startups who are trying to scale. Aspiring entrepreneurs and students are also welcome. 



If you are a mid to senior level manager seeking help innovating or want a different perspective or career advice, our community could be just what you need. 

What you get 

We offer members regular access to experts from a broad range of fields for frank discussions on all things business. Dissect and discuss your business challenges, objectives, strengths and weaknesses. Attend our events. Book meetings with our experts or join the conversation in forums and webinars.  

The company you keep helps determine your chances of success. Access to a network of like-minded professionals and our experts can have far reaching positive impact on the business and personal growth of community members.


What we cover 

We don’t have strict themes or topics because we believe effective business doesn’t happen in silos. Sustainable solutions more often than not require the ability to think broadly, collaborating with multiple departments and organizations across industries. In other words we cover all things business. We find that, with this setup, the conversations are highly engaging and everyone including the experts benefit from the discussions and each others insights


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