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In The Netherlands 


Ama Van Dantzig

Creative Thinker / Speaker / Facilitator 

Ama is known for working with Non-profit Organizations, Sustainable Development, International Relations, Project Coordination, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).  


Sushil Krishna

Founder, Growack

Sushil helps B2B businesses (Startups & SMEs) design & implement their growth roadmap- a strategic and tactical growth funnel.


Willem van Esch

Business Coach and Life Coach

Willem helps entrepreneurs with their next leaps. He believes It takes courage, creativity, perseverance and non linear thinking to thrive within the nowaday's volatile world. 

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Johan Hento-Addow

General Manager, Huurmaat

Johan is a General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the building materials industry. Skilled in Operations Management,  Business Development, and SalesManagement.


Gerd Junne


The Network University

Gerd is an academic entrepreneur, who translates academic insights into concrete projects in the fields of diaspora policy and social entrepreneurship

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Ashlee Janelle Danso

Founder, YOUNG / The Agency

Ashlee’s mission  is to set an example for young, ambitious creatives that are passionate about working in the fashion industry. Influencing them in a positive manner is her way of giving back.


Sunil Sivakumar

Regulatory Reporting

Sunil's specialities include Economic Capital, Liquidity Risk,Corporate Finance, Asset Securitisation, Structured Finance, Commercial Banking and Regulatory Reporting.


Tismark Inja

IaaS Technical Sales Executive, 

Tismark has a deep understanding of what it means to achieve customer success. He is skilled in Team Building, Business Process Re-engineering, Operations and Vendor Management.


Lynn Zebeda

Co-founder at Dr. Monk

Lynn is a social entrepreneur with a passion for the issues that connect us all. End goal: to come up with interventions that will catapult us into a more compassionate and green future.


William van Dantzig

ICT Infrastructure Manager,  FMO 

William enjoys innovating, trouble shooting and ensuring technology is understood and used well to support the business. 


Cynthia Torto

Marketing Communications, Shell

Cynthia is skilled at maximizing the impact of marketing campaigns by translating insights into innovations and commercial growth opportunities.


Ruud Nijs

Founding partner, INCLSVE

A seasoned International Banker and Entrepreneur with Numerous (former) Advisory/Board memberships, Ruud is very connected in all parts of the Dutch Economy.

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